Monday, 9 February 2009

Mix: Lets Go Outside. ElectronicGroove Podcast 064

EG 064 - Let's Go Outside 
Steve Schieberl was born in Milan, Italy and is now living in Portland, Oregon. He took the moniker "Let's Go Outside" as a tribute to his fascination with outdoor activities. 
Let's Go Outside started DJing and producing electronic music as a teenager in the early nineties in southern California. He was picked up by Glasgow-based Soma Quality Recordings in 2006, receiving support from luminaries such as Andrew Weatherall, Laurent Garnier, and Ivan Smagghe. He's followed up on some early releases and remixes with the early 2008 release of his debut album, "A Picnic with the Hunters", on Soma Records, pairing that with a successful European tour performing for sold out crowds at venues including Fabric, The Loft, The Arches and Sub Club. He's continued with a steady stream of releases and has now started his own imprint, Slant Records. 

This mix is a one hour showcase of music recently made or released by Let's Go Outside and his friends in the Pacific Northwest USA. It debuts new pieces from Let's Go Outside and the Cells and Catalog projects, alongside material from forthcoming releases on Slant Records. Cells is a collaboration project between Let's Go Outside and Seattle-based From 0-1's Milkplant and Sone. "Catalog" is Schieberl's new alias for electro-based music. This set represents a particular flavor of techno in Cascadia and what is in store for 2009 from this corner of the world.. 

01. La Cosa Nostra - Sweaty Money (Let's Go Outside Remix) - UNKL Brand Records 
02. Jerry Abstract - Glass Chatter - From 0-1 
03. Sone - Recovery Mode - From 0-1 
04. Revy - Brainburn - Slant Records 
05. Let's Go Outside - A Room Without Doors - From 0-1 
06. Cells - Seed - N/A 
07. Rico Casazza - Skinless - Slant Records 
08. Emet - Grandfather - Slant Records 
09. Edit Select & Let's Go Outside - Absent (Let's Go Outside Interpretation) - Slant Records 
10. Let's Go Outside - Exercise for Snails - Slant Records 
11. Milkplant - Crossing Lines (Catalog's Crossed the Lined Mix) - SubSensory Recording

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