Thursday, 12 February 2009

Event: Technique [Leeds] Magda. Sunday May 3rd 2009.

Also just found out that the dark queen of techno herself is back after a long leave of Leeds absense.  That dark queen is of course, Magda! Taking place on the first bank holiday weekend of the two in May, this is on the Sunday night which is the 3rd May.  The venue is confirmed as being at The Faversham, so I assume its gonna be one of their bank holiday all dayers, and I for one, am there!


  1. I'm pretty sure this is at the Faversham aka the Garden Parties that they do with Asylum

  2. It is at the's my event


  3. would be nice, if the faversham/technique concentrated on the overall experience of there customers rather than trying to overfill the venue to a level which is ridiculosly busy and turns out to not be a good experience.

    if its sunny outside then yes it great in the day, but as soon as you all have to get piled inside to the sweat box it goes down hill fast!

    sometimes sacrifing a few ££££ would be for the greater good of the event

  4. Easy to say when you dont have to foot Magda's bills eh