Monday, 23 March 2009

Mix: RA 147 DJ Pete [Scion]

Wow! This latest one from the RA lot looks pretty exciting! Coming from long time Hardwax worker and one of Berlin's 'faces' over the years, DJ Pete [Kuschnereit]. Pete never disappoints either in his excellent DJ sets, his Scion sets alongside Rene Lowe [aka Vainqueur] or his live collaborations with Sleeparchive. And he's also one of the nicest artists I've ever had the pleasure of chatting with to boot! Grab this now!

01. Appleblim and Peverelist - Circling
02. Scuba - Ruptured (Surgeon remix)
03. Trolley Route - Tempura (Sterac Mix)
04. Mala - Bury Da Bwoy
05. Ben Klock - Before One
06. Jichael Mackson - Snuff
07. Burial - South London Boroughs
08. Tayo - March Of The Soundbwoyz (TRG Remix)
09. Aphrohead - In The Dark We Live (Dave Clarke's 312 Mix)
10. Loefah - Twisup Vip (Youngsta & Task Remix)
11. Redshape - Species
12. Shed - Solitude Straight

Event: Kraftwerk & Steve Reich [Manchester] Thu 2 July 2009.

Kraftwerk Special guest Steve Reich

Thu 2 July / Manchester Velodrome

The Festival is proud to present two true pioneers of modern music: German electronic wizards Kraftwerk and dynamic American composer Steve Reich, joining forces for this unique show at the stunning Manchester Velodrome.
Kraftwerk have spent the last four decades as one of the most influential bands in pop history.

The group will be returning to Manchester for the first time since their near-legendary concert at the Apollo in 2004, and will be performing a two-hour set drawing on their entire catalogue.This exclusive event will feature the world premiere of Steve Reich’s 2×5. Commissioned by the Festival, it will be directed by the composer and performed by New York’s Bang on a Can.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Mix & Event: Seth Troxler. Podcast 009. Save the Cannibals [NYC] Sat 21 March

The guests this week at New York's 'Save The Cannibals' night is the excellent Seth Troxler, supported by Dennis Rodgers. As usual there will be a podcast posted on the Cannibals website sometime this week by their main guest! Another deep, trippy mix by a perennial favourite!

Friday, 13 March 2009

Event: System presents Cocoon in the Park [Leeds-UK] Sat 27 June 2009.

So I've been told by a very reliable source that System, the superb techno night in Leeds, is putting on an all day, outdoor event at Temple Newsam in Leeds on Saturday June 27th! The event is gonna run from midday till 11pm [and I'm guessing there might be a little afters somewhere!] and will feature Cocoon head honcho & old Leeds techno club, The Orbit legend, Sven Vath!! There are more artists still to be 100% confirmed so I'll save any unnecessary rumours for now, but this is quite simply an event not to be missed really, simple as. I'll update the line-up as soon as I hear when the other artists are confirmed so keep checking back over the next 2 or 3 weeks.

Set in the grounds of a 450 year old mansion house, the festival site—an area of outstanding natural beauty surrounded by forrests and a lake, and you can expect the usual breathtaking Cocoon production including dancers, full lighting show and sound provided by Funktion-1.

A limited amount of discount £35 early bird tickets are now on sale at

This is a ticketed event only. There will be no paying on the door or guestlist facility available on the day.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Technology: technoBox iPhone 3G App

Just flicking through the App Store on iTunes and found what looks to be an interesting addition to my iPhone music apps, technoBox [303 808 909 studio].

It costs £5.99 and is getting some pretty fine reviews so I think it looks like a winner! Click the link for all the blurb directly in iTunes.


Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Interview: Sleeparchive.

I recently had the pleasure of asking Roger Semsroth aka Sleeparchive a few questions just before he jetted off to Japan to play a couple of gigs. This was what he had to say!

1. First off, I heard a rumour that Sleeparchive is actually two people, not necessarily working together, but both putting things out as Sleeparchive. Any truth in this?

at the moment sleeparchive is only me. i released music by other people a while ago. "infrared glow" was produced by a friend of mine and on "research" is an edit made by another good friend. i asked both to release the music under their regular artist names but both wanted me to release the tracks as sleeparchive.

2. Are you a native Berliner?

yes, i was born in east berlin in 1976. i lived near dusseldorf from 2001-2004 but apart from that time i lived in berlin all my live.

3. What was the first album you ever bought?

i can`t remember my first album. i grew up in the GDR so i was not able to buy most of the music i liked as a kid.when the wall fell in 1989 every east german citizen got 100 marks. from that money i bought "front by front" by "front 242" and 3 "the cure" albums. all 4 records are still in my record collection and i still love all 4 albums. it`s really strange if i think that i have had those albums for 20 years in november this year.

4. How long have you been producing?

i`ve got my first synth in 1990. my mother bought me a yamaha sy55. the first ok track i ever recorded was in 1993 i guess. all before is simply terrible. i really wanted to do music like "front 242" or "leaether strip" but i was not able to do it. so all i recorded was really terrible wave made by an 15 years old kid.

5. Whats your favourite machine/program for producing?

my favourites are still the kr55 and the sh101. i can`t get enough of both machines.

6. Do you produce full time or do you work as well?

i started working again last year. after some years of making music only i was really in the mood to go to work again. it feels great to do something normal for normal money. really often when i play a gig i think to myself that it is a bit strange that i get the same money my dad gets when he works a whole month + my dad works hard and i get money for what i do as hobby.

7. What is your favourite club and/or city in the world to play at?

i don`t have a favourite city or club. playing in the UK is always great. i like the beer the food and the people. also france is always really good. but only for the people not for anything else. when i played the UK the first time i really expected the people to hate what i do. i thought the UK is always about banging techno all time. but i was wrong.

8. And where would you really like to play but as of yet, have not?

no idea.....perhaps the old so36 in the early eighties.

9. Where did the Hardwax connection come from?

i've bought my records at hardwax since 1995. over the years some of the guys became good friends. they also distributed my skanfrom releases before i started working on my first sleeparchive tracks. for techno music it`s still my favourite shop.

10. Are you still doing shows with Pete Kuschnereit?

yes, from time to time. it`s so much more fun to travel together. i think this is one of the things i really hate about travelling. i always travel by myself and really often it is so boring. pete is a good friend of mine and we always have big fun when we share the stage.

11. What do those shows consist of? Are they any different from a normal Sleeparchive set?

it`s different because pete brings his 909 and some records.often he is djing after our live set. so it`s sleeparchive + 909. the sets we play together are more for the dancefloor than a regular sleeparchive gig. and it`s more improvisational.

12. What do you think of the current 'minimal' scene?

i don`t follow it. i don`t like it as much as other music.

13. Why have you never gone down the easy money route of DJ'ing as well as playing live?

easy money? i don`t think so. everytime i talk to a dj they tell me that they play music for the people. so i would be a terrible dj because i would play only the tracks i like. and this can get on people nerves really fast in a techno context. so i think i wouldn`t get any bookings after playing out 3 times :)

14. What artists are impressing you at the moment or over the last year?

i`m more and more back into the music i come from and i like guitar and noise more and more. "sudden infant" was my favourite concert last year. my favourite band is "a place to bury strangers". some weeks ago i saw "wavves". really good concert.

15. Jeff Mills is obviously a fan, seen as how he asked you to be one of his guests at his Womb [Tokyo] residency. How was that experience?

that was amazing. i really like the music jeff mills makes. more the newer than the older stuff. he is a great guy and i have a lot of respect for what he is doing. he dj`d after me and when his set was over after 3 hours i thought "what??". for me it felt like 10 minutes. so i think i was really into it.

16. What inspires you to make the music you do?

not much. i just play with the machines until i get something i like. i don`t think much when i do music.

17. How do you relax away from music?

playing with my cat while watching tv is very relaxing. also cooking is great fun. but however, making music is the most relaxing thing for me. so there is not really a need to relex because i make music in every free minute.

18. What have you got lined up for 2009?

a 10" is coming in 2 weeks and i did zzz010 last month. it was a tape limited to 10 copies i gave only to friends or people i know. i don`t have any further plans. i work on some other projects again. perhaps i work on some new skanfrom tracks... or something under a completly new name. just last week i finished a track for a hungarien fanzine limited to 30 copies.

19. Finally, give me some of your guilty pleasures.

my favourite actor is james stewart and my favourite movie is "it`s a wonderful life". THE christmas movie.......

Many thanks to Roger for taking the time to answer these questions. As Roger stated there will be a new 10" coming soon and I'll just say good luck on finding zzz010! Roger can also be found playing live at Tresor in Berlin on Sat 21st March, and a little further in the future on Thu 7th May, alongside good friend, DJ Pete & Mark Ernestus at Honest Jons in London. So if you're in the area, go see him!

Saturday, 28 February 2009

Music: Free 10 track Spectral Promo Compilation at Beatport!

Just a quick one about this that I just stumbled upon! Beatport are offering this 10 track promo album for free! Just go to Beatport & type 'Spectral Promo' into the search box and hit 'Releases' and there she'll be. Tracks from Audion, Kate Simko, Osborne & Par Grindvik amongst others make up the album.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Event: Krucht [Leeds] presents Scion Versions: Substance & Vainqueur. Sat 21 March 2009.

This one is a bit special! And its excited me no end! Each time I've seen these guys they are legendary. Another night I have to fit in somehow.......

Saturday 21st March 2009
Krucht presents Scion Versions: SUBSTANCE & VAINQUEUR
P45 (Room237 / Sequence)
Dan Mumberson (meandyou)
Ciaran Hansen

Main room at Beaverworks. Leeds
£10 OTD

Mix & Event: Martin Landsky. Podcast 006. Save the Cannibals [NYC] Sat 28 Feb

This weeks new podcast from the Cannibals is up and comes from one of this weeks TWO special guests at the club in New York, Martin Landsky. The other guest is a guy who seems to be everywhere at the moment, Konrad Black! Landsky's mix is really good and in many peoples opinions is possibly the best yet. It's a toss up between this one and Cassy's for me.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Wismix 002 - Sebastian Wilck - February 2009.

Here is the second installment of the Wismix series and its a bit of a monster one!  It's a three and a half hour, 45 track minimal techno bomb mixed live at Watergate club in Berlin on the 4th February 2009 by resident, Sebastian Wilck.

Sebastian wasn't always a minimal techno DJ.  He actually started out as a drum n bass kid back in the golden days of Berlin's 'Hard Edged' parties.  As time went by he became engrossed in the Berlin techno scene and soon became an intern at Watergate, where he sat every weekend, in the tiny room at the back of the office, in front of 2 old radio speakers and a sub woofer, either programming his own tracks, or dj'ing with Final Scratch for hours on end!

He is now a firm resident at the club and plays at least once a month, and has done for the last 3 years.  He also plays at other clubs in Berlin of course including the obligatory den of inequity thats is Bar 25!

He also had one release out at the end of 2006 on Nick Höppner's label, Just Recordings.  The release was called 'Fur den Garten EP'.

I've had this mix in my possession for around a week now and it's been on almost constant play, such is the quality of the tracks and the mixing.  I hope you all agree!  Enjoy............

01 - Gaiser - Descending Order - M-nus 
02 - Larsson - Bigger Box - Hi Freaks 
03 - Rhauder - Getting A Glimpse - Perplex 
04 - H.O.S.H. - Gartenarbeit - Diynamic 
05 - Solomun - Prinz Mono - Diynamic 
06 - Seph & Pablo Denegri - Obsure (Bruno Pronsato Remix) - Dumb-Unit 
07 - Xhin - Random Senses - Meerestief 
08 - So Inagawa - Side Ways - Multi Vitamins 
09 - Alex Flatner - Sould C.A. Jones (Einzelkind Remix) - Circle Music 
10 - La Pena - Going Down - La Pena 
11 - Dot - Make It - Glueckskind Digital 
12 - Kate Simko - She Said (Barem Remix) - Spectral Sound 
13 - Peace Division - Gotta Have You (Rozzo Mix) - Low Pressings 
14 - Samklang - Ich Zeig Dir Wie (Samklang Remix) - Snork Enterprises 
15 - Piemont - Strange World Beyond - MBF 
16 - The Mountain People - Mountain006.1 - Mountain People 
17 - Starbug - Zoink - Starbug 
18 - Martin Beume - Nexus - Outils du Connaisseur 
19 - Diego Capri & Andrea Gentile - Gigrobot - Einmaleins Musik 
20 - The Mountain People - Mountain006.2 - Mountain People 
21 - Flow & Zeo - Dream (Peter Horrevorts Remix) - BEEF Records 
22 - Shades Of Gray - Audio Chip (Hirtenfellner Remix) - BEEF Records 
23 - Timos - Vendor (Alexi Delano Remix) - Sonido 
24 - Lee Curtiss - Start A Fire (Lee Curtiss Remix) - Wolf + Lamb Records 
25 - Gunne feat. Good Guy Mikesh - Bollore - Lebensfreude Records 
26 - Lee Van Dowski - Free For All Crash Endeavors - Num Records 
27 - Miskate - What You Want (Barem Remix) - Foundsound Records 
28 - Hector Pizarro - Friolento - Her Little Sister 
29 - Jurgen Driessen - Signal (Polder Remix) - Electribe 
30 - Xhin - Scope - Meerestief 
31 - Einzelkind - No News Good News - Kindisch 
32 - Antohny Collins - I Wanna Give (Dubvox) - Bangbang! 
33 - Daniel Steinberg - Pay For Me (Lauhaus Remix) - Style Rockets 
34 - Skoozbot - Subtension - Plus 8 Records 
35 - Christian Burkhardt - Phay Boom - Oslo 
36 - Jitzu & Eff&lle - Elliptic - weplayminimal 
37 - Jamy Wing - Port Au Prince - Einmaleins 
38 - Federico Molinari - Enerverende - Oslo 
39 - Joel Alter - Spektrolit - EM 
40 - Douglas Greed & Einzelkind - Ed The Optician - Kindisch 
41 - Afrilounge & Mikdat - Panoramaria Bar (Click Click Remix) - Kassette Records 
42 - Douglas Greed & Einzelkind - Squirls In A Bathtub - Kindisch 
43 - Seph - Ivil - 11:00am 
44 - Samklang - Ich Zeig Dir Wie (Luca Bacchetti Remix) - Snork Enterprises 
45 - Matt John – Untitled

Music: Someone Else - Elsewhere EP [Foundsound 20]


someone else
elsewhere ep
(remixes by michal ho and kriss)

release date: march 30 2009

sean o'neal (a.k.a. someone else) got started djing in philadelphia amidst his local piers such as king britt, josh wink, pete moss, rob paine, and the list goes on. and then someone else became known for gritty minimal techno hits like "bedroom eyes", "picture perfect", his remix of heartz4's "intimacy girl", and many others. but now is another time, and someone else wants to bring back some of the deep tech-house vibes that he was raised on in his hometown, yet still remaining himself all along. 

sooooo, that said, foundsound cofounder someone else delivers more bomb-diggity good times with elsewhere ep. this time, he delves into a more organic and soulful side of loopy dancefloor tech-house suitable for the tasteful clubs and (maybe more so) the outdoors -- incorporating a smoother and catchier side of his trademark cut-up vocals. plus, you get a wicked remix by michal ho of tuning spork fame, and a jaw-dropping digital bonus remix by unfoundsound’s latest pride-and-joy, kriss.

on a1 – “sunny day in smallville” -- you get a 10:15 long-play with a deep progression that'll make a dancefloor spin and grin. this anthemic chugger drives with a rolling bassline, a bouncy swing, dense yet dissonant percussion, and sliced 'n' diced vocals which are rich and emotive. it's simple, tracky and complex all at once, and it makes an excellent dj tool.

on b1 – “funny day elsewhere -- you get a catchy, vocal snippy tech-house joyride with a dubby bassline, blurry bongos and soulful delight. 

on b2 – “funny day elsewhere (michal ho remix)” -- the tuning spork mofo keeps it housey, bouncy and abstract.

then the digital bonus track – “sunny day in smallville (kriss remix)” -- the young italian newbie dishes out a mind-numbing minimal club-stormer.

go ahead and poop in your pants.

audio clips:
a1/ sunny day in smallville
b1/ funny day elsewhere
b2/ funny day elsewhere (michal ho remix)
digital bonus/ sunny day in smallville (kriss remix)

Someone Else Tourdates

feb 14 - elektroküche - cologne (de) 
feb 21 - centrum - erfurt (de) 
feb 28 - mirage - ballenstedt (de) 
mar 6 - waagenbau - hamburg (de) 
mar 14 - toronto (ca) 
mar 25 - segafredo - santo domingo (do) 
mar 27 - hirshhorn - washington, dc (us) 
mar 28 - inciting - philadelphia, pa (us) 
apr 11 - kult - marburg (de) 
apr 12 - produktion - trier (de) 
apr 25 - colosseum - landau (de) 
may 5 - kunstkeller - giessen (de) 
may 30 - romy s - stuttgart (de) 

Music: Miskate - Drillbit EP [Foundsound 19]


Drillbit ep
(remix by Barem)

Foundsound’s own co-founder, a shy and beautiful American supergirl known as Miskate, returns with a fresh, new twist on her buggy trademark sound. Plus, Argentina’s Barem of Foundsound and Minus fame dishes out a minimal tech-house bomb that is an emotively mesmerizing remix.

Now with more than 15 records on labels like Karloff, Einmaleins, Microcosm, Alphahouse, Roman Photo, Wit and Foundsound, Drillbit ep might be Miskate’s strongest release to date. Miskate proves to have an amazing ability to take only a few significant samples -- whether it’s a field recording or her own voice -- along with simple groovy rhythms, and spawn irresistible works-of-art that djs can appreciate. Ranging form loopy dancefloor mayhem to deeply emotional abstractionism, Miskate’s Drillbit ep is powerfully enticing.

on a1 – “Drillbit” -- you get a loopy dancefloor gem shaped by tribally bongos, a bouncy bassline and a driving tech-house beat -- meanwhile all being relentlessly overshadowed by the melodic snarling and roaring of an electric drill. During the riveting breakdown, the intense wailing of the drill pleasurably cuts through your body while forcing your hands happily into the air.

on a2 – “What You Want” -- she goes deep and groovy with her own oddly pitched vocals, a captivating bassline and pleasantly haunting atmospherics -- moving with a sort of Villalobos-like structure along with profound emotions captured in the melodies of her voice, both melancholy and blissful at the same time.

on b1 – “What You Want (Barem remix)” -- the Minus superkid delivers a tech-house long-play fueled by bongo drums, Miskate’s stirring vocals and a climactic breakdown that’ll make audiences rejoice on the dancefloor.

So c’mon boys and girls! Take yourself and your audience on a tripped-out joyride through the wondrous worlds of Miskate and Barem!

audio clips: 
a1/ drillbit
a2/ what you want
b/ what you want (barem remix)

Upcoming Miskate tourdates:

feb 14 - elektroküche - cologne (de) 
mar 7 - graz (at) 
mar 28 - inciting - philadelphia, pa (us) 
apr 11 - kult - marburg (de) 
may 30 - romy s - stuttgart (de)

Barem tourdates:

feb 21 - asia (pe) 
feb 27 - warung - camboriu (br) 
mar 6 - fellini - ganova (it) 
mar 7 - mazzoon - verona (it) 
mar 11 - watergate - berlin (de) 
mar 14 - reflex - pisa (it) 
mar 20 - goa - rome (it) 
mar 29 - ice palace - miami (us) 
apr 4 - timewarp - mannheim (de) 
may 9 - gotec - karlsruhe (de) 
may 16 - romy s - stuttgart (de) 

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Event: System [Leeds]. Loco Dice. Sat 21st March 2009.

System's next night at The Mint Club in Leeds brings over Tunisian, ex hip hop DJ turned techno star, Loco Dice! The night takes place on Saturday 21st March.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Mix: Johnny D. Ibiza-Voice Podcast. February 2009.

New one from the Ibiza-Voice podcast series.  From one of the men of the moment as he seems to be everywhere, Johnny D.

Music: Berghain 03 mixed by Len Faki.

The latest installment in the quality Berghain series is mixed by resident , Len Faki.  Its out in April and will no doubt be typically great.  

01. John Beltran – Vienna
02. Edit-Select – Bauer (Exclusive Track)
03. Roman Lindau – Raumgestaltung
04. Collabs feat. Speedy J & Chris Liebing – Magnit Express
05. Gez Varley pres. Tony Montana – The World Is Yours
06. Someone Else – Lowdown Brittle (Wink’s Profound Sound Interpretation)
07. Pfirter – Mi Chica
08. Eric Johnston – Waiting For Weird
09. JP Montesino – Viaje Numero Uno
10. Planetary Assault Systems – Surface Noise
11. Len Faki – BX 3 (Exclusive Track)
12. Radio Slave - Neverending (Exclusive Track)
13. Radio Slave w/ Dennis Ferrer – Neverending w/ Jero a cappella
14. Koljah & Oliver Deutschmann - Eaten Back To Life (Ed Davenport's Stripped Mix)
15. Tony Lionni – Found A Place (Exclusive Track)
16. Basement Jaxx – Fly Life (Xtra Mix)
17. Nick Holder & Kaje pres. Trackheadz – Feel (Instrumental Mix)
18. Laurent Garnier – The Man With The Red Face
19. Ferrer & Sydenham Inc. - Timbuktu
20. Bloc Party - Where is Home? (Burial Remix)

Ostgut will release Len Faki's Berghain 03 on April 20, 2009.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Event: Technique [Leeds] Magda. Sunday May 3rd 2009.

Also just found out that the dark queen of techno herself is back after a long leave of Leeds absense.  That dark queen is of course, Magda! Taking place on the first bank holiday weekend of the two in May, this is on the Sunday night which is the 3rd May.  The venue is confirmed as being at The Faversham, so I assume its gonna be one of their bank holiday all dayers, and I for one, am there!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Mix & Event: Cassy. Save the Cannibals Podcast 004.

So this Saturdays special guest at New Yorks 'Save the Cannibals', is Cassy, all the way from Berlin. And as usual there is a podcast from the weeks guest.  The only information I have on it is that it was recorded last month.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Mix: Lets Go Outside. ElectronicGroove Podcast 064

EG 064 - Let's Go Outside 
Steve Schieberl was born in Milan, Italy and is now living in Portland, Oregon. He took the moniker "Let's Go Outside" as a tribute to his fascination with outdoor activities. 
Let's Go Outside started DJing and producing electronic music as a teenager in the early nineties in southern California. He was picked up by Glasgow-based Soma Quality Recordings in 2006, receiving support from luminaries such as Andrew Weatherall, Laurent Garnier, and Ivan Smagghe. He's followed up on some early releases and remixes with the early 2008 release of his debut album, "A Picnic with the Hunters", on Soma Records, pairing that with a successful European tour performing for sold out crowds at venues including Fabric, The Loft, The Arches and Sub Club. He's continued with a steady stream of releases and has now started his own imprint, Slant Records. 

This mix is a one hour showcase of music recently made or released by Let's Go Outside and his friends in the Pacific Northwest USA. It debuts new pieces from Let's Go Outside and the Cells and Catalog projects, alongside material from forthcoming releases on Slant Records. Cells is a collaboration project between Let's Go Outside and Seattle-based From 0-1's Milkplant and Sone. "Catalog" is Schieberl's new alias for electro-based music. This set represents a particular flavor of techno in Cascadia and what is in store for 2009 from this corner of the world.. 

01. La Cosa Nostra - Sweaty Money (Let's Go Outside Remix) - UNKL Brand Records 
02. Jerry Abstract - Glass Chatter - From 0-1 
03. Sone - Recovery Mode - From 0-1 
04. Revy - Brainburn - Slant Records 
05. Let's Go Outside - A Room Without Doors - From 0-1 
06. Cells - Seed - N/A 
07. Rico Casazza - Skinless - Slant Records 
08. Emet - Grandfather - Slant Records 
09. Edit Select & Let's Go Outside - Absent (Let's Go Outside Interpretation) - Slant Records 
10. Let's Go Outside - Exercise for Snails - Slant Records 
11. Milkplant - Crossing Lines (Catalog's Crossed the Lined Mix) - SubSensory Recording

Friday, 6 February 2009

Event: Wet Yourself @ Fabric [London]

For those who simply don't know when to stop clubbing Fabric are hosting a new Sunday night event from the 'Wet Yourself' crew.  Running each Sunday night from 11pm-6am they appear to be bringing in some quality guests.  This Sunday [8th Feb] its Miss Kitten, followed by Marc Houle on the 15th and Popof [CR2/Turbo] on the 22nd.  One to watch I think.  Make sure you've got Monday off though!

Get tickets for £8 in advance from here:

Event: Fervor [London] Fabrizio Maurizi [M_nus] Fri 6th February.

Bit of a late one this but if you're in London tonight this should be a decent night out in the capital.

£5 tickets sold out, last few £10 tickets remaining from 

£12 on the door.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Music: Andres Zacco. Seated Hopping EP [Airdrop 07]

Artist : Andres Zacco
Label : Airdrop
Title : Seated Hopping EP
Release Date: Feb/March 2009
Format : 12" Vinyl & Digital

A. Andres Zacco : Seated Hopping
B. Andres Zacco : Untitled


The AIRDROP legacy grows and grows, with one tight 'n' crisp single release after the next, dropping into the veins of the musically conscious and electronically versed. Airy bubbles that make your head spin included!
After showcasing the amazingly active scene in the United States, paying tribute to the brimming hubs of the US underground which are bringing forward more exciting artists then ever before right now, AIRDROP refocuses on its creative birth place: Argentina, the up-and-coming South American country where label head honcho Paulo Reachi started hunting down the first signings. Getting Andres Zacco on board shows that the label is steering towards an absolute high point!

The Pergamino-born Argentine producer is not an unknown to the scene. His highly descriptive, funkily elusive, reduced yet very driving house sounds that are finely layered and always utterly tasteful in their composition have surfaced on labels as varied and renowned as Stock5, BPitch, Alphahouse, Esperanza and Traut Muzik. Andres also releases on his own imprint, Greener, which features works by Lineas de Nazca, Kai-Maan, Franco Cinelli and soon Jacek Sienkiewicz to name a few involved. As part of an exciting new wave of Argentinean vanguard sound producers, he, alone and together with studio partner Lucas Mari, manages to stun a receptive audience not only with the array of productions and remixes he has been releasing since 2006 but also with his gripping DJ sets. 

His debut on AIRDROP is a well-paced two-tracker which stuns with its versatility and tasteful arrangements. The groove of the opener, the funnily named 'Seated Hopping' grips you in the underbelly and shuffles you upside down with its deep, dubby flavor that will have you hopping on your seats in no time, the cherry on the icing being the dark, down-pitched vocals that haunt you on the rise. The "Untitled" track is a state of mind definitely not unknown to those in the know, and this time is virtually impossible to keep seated. Flurry filtered vocals warp in and out while the pitchy groove gains momentum, intensifying the mobilizing effects of the track immensely as you rise and shine to the infectious, stripped down, channeled disco groove. Zacco at his finest will have you gagging for more. Hold on tight!

Event & Mix: Save the Cannibals [NYC] Matthew Dear [5 hrs]. Derek Plaislaiko. Sat 7 Feb.

This Saturday see's Save the Cannibals in New York showcasing Matthew Dear & Derek Plaslaiko. Dear is playing an extended 5 hour set which should be nice! I was hoping for a new Matthew Dear podcast from the Cannibals this week as the previous headliners have all had their own podcasts but thats not to be this week. However, Plaslaiko has done one for the guys and it can be downloaded here:

Episode 3: Derek Plaslaiko
Derek Plaslaiko, mixed January, 2009

Plus NEW upcoming dates at the club are:

Feb 14th : Cassy
Feb 21st : Lee Burridge
Feb 28th : Konrad Black & Martin Landsky
Mar 7th : Dennis Ferrer & Sebo K
Mar 14th : Guido Schneider & Damian Schwartz
Mar 21st : Seth Troxler & Mathias Kaden
Mar 28th : Joris Voorn

Heavyweight line-ups!

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Music: Remute. Joking About Death EP [Shooting Elvis 004]

Artist : Remute
Label : Shooting Elvis
Title : Joking About Death EP
Release Date: March 2nd 2009
Format : 12" Vinyl & Digital

A1. Remute - Joking About Death
A2. Remute - Joking About Death [James Kronier Remix]
B1. Remute - Zotvuu

Remute returns to Shooting Elvis but this time with his own EP, delivering a straight-up, no-nonsense techno cut in the form of "Joking About Death". Dabbling in warehouse style rides and invading fx, this is outer-space techno not for the faint hearted!

Flip to the B and James Kronier steps up to rework the original into a heavyweight bass kick led, organic percussive, howling grinder, another dancefloor stomper! The final cut on this 3 track EP is the cheeky instrumental,   "Zotvuu". Layered with live tricks and stutters, a perfect crowd teaser that completes this well rounded EP.

Shooting Elvis is the new imprint from precocious twenty-two-year-old UK talent Tommy-Four-Seven. The label already has contributions from Remute, Mark Broom, Sebastian Roya and James Kronier with tracks from more deep techno luminaries to be announced.  

Fans range from Speedy J or Chris Liebing to Satoshi Tomiie, the latter both licenced Shooting Elvis tracks for their latest mix compilations.

Music: Intrusion feat Paul St Hilaire. Little Angel [Echospace Detroit]

Artist : Intrusion
Label : Echospace Detroit
Title : Little Angel
Release Date: February 2nd 2009
Format : 12" Vinyl & Digital

A1. Intrusion feat Paul St Hilaire - Little Angel
A2. Intrusion - Angel Version
B. Intrusion - A Night to Remember
Digital Exclusive - Kingstons Burning


This is the third and final installment in the intrusion 12" series from Stephen Hitchell, culled from the new critically acclaimed album, "The Seduction Of Silence".

The A side explores more of a traditional dub & roots vibe and features a stunning vocal performance from Paul St. Hilaire aka Tikiman (False Tuned, Rhythm & Sound, Burial Mix) on "Little Angel" a song both personal and inviting which showcases his beautiful voice in a somewhat new direction, a truly heart warming piece.

The following "Angel Version" adds a 4/4 thump and a bassline deeper than the ocean, while the low end throbs the track develops into a mighty conga rhythm session and just takes hold of your mind and your feet, truly hypnotizing. The B side's "A Night To Remember" was inspired by Stephen's performance at the 2008 Labyrinth festival in Japan, its a deep affair showcasing the dreamiest sides of horizontal house music. This is music which clearly focuses on every fine detail, filled with loads of roots, space, unbelievable low end and a sonic warmth we‘ve come to love from the Echospace analog signature.

Here are Intrusion/Echospaces upcoming dates:

UPDATED 5th February 2009



March 1, 2009 - Echospace (live) @ Resonance Festival (Gent) Belgium

March 6, 2009 - Intrusion (live) @ Dread Soundsystem, San Diego, California, USA
March 7, 2009 - Intrusion (live) @ LWE, Chicago, USA
March 14, 2009 - Echospace (live) @ Moscow, Russia
March 27, 2009 - Echospace (live) @ Glasgow, Scotland, UK - T.B.C.
March 28, 2009 - Echospace (live) @ Fabric, London, UK - T.B.C.
March 29, 2009 - Echospace (live) @ Machester, UK - T.B.C.
April 3, 2009 - Intrusion (live) @ Stereo Bar, Montreal, Canada
April 4, 2009 - Intrusion (live) @ Private Event, Toronto, Canada
April 17-18-19 - Echospace (live) @ Communikey Festival, Boulder, Colorado, USA 
May 26, 2009 - D.E.M.F., Detroit, USA